When you use PDF Optimizer to manage PDF documents, you enter all of your custom settings in a profile. The profile is a JSON file that you name in your command line statement. 

Here is an example of a standard JSON profile:


One of the settings you can add to your profile file when using PDF Optimizer allows you to continue to convert a PDF document even if the software encounters an error:


This switch allows you to work around errors found related to generating PDF/A documents. 

The switch is controlled in the pdfa-conversion portion of the JSON profile.  

	"pdfa-conversion": {
		"enabled": "on",
                "type": "1b",
		"pdfa-target-color-space": "rgb",
		"rasterize-if-errors-encountered": "on"

If this value, rasterize-if-error-encountered, is set to "on," PDF Optimizer will rasterize the page with the problem and continue to save the document as a PDF/A document as requested.

The software will not cancel processing when an error is encountered.