For fonts that are not embedded in the input PDF document, PDF Alchemist will emit named references to these fonts in the output files. As with PDF files, the results the user sees when opening the output file will depend on whether the referenced font is found on the user's local system. If the font is not found on the local system, the operating system or display tool may replace this font with another, similar font.

For the following commonly referenced substitutes for Standard 14 PDF fonts, PDF Alchemist performs the following remappings:

FontFont mapping
ArialMTmapped to Arial
CourierNewPSMTmapped to Courier New
TimesNewRomanPSMTmapped to Times New Roman

Bold, italic, and bold italic typefaces are also mapped to the appropriate versions and styles of these fonts. PDF Alchemist only remaps for the above fonts that are not embedded in the PDF document.