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I am currently using IDS v15.0.1 (or older). Is it necessary to upgrade to IDS v15.1.0 (or newer)?

An upgrade is not necessary. 

If you are using IDS v15.0.1 or older, and 

  1. you are satisfied with your current setup, or
  2. you do not want to disrupt your current operation with a new installation,
  3. or both

Feel free to continue to use your current version of Adobe InDesign Server. 

As of May 2021, Adobe has not indicated that they will withdraw support from older versions of the IDS product. 

My maintenance with Datalogics is about to expire and I need to renew. Can I still use the serial number issued to me by Datalogics ? Do I need a new serial number, or start using the feature restricted licensing package?

If you do not plan to upgrade to IDS v15.1.0 or later, you can keep using the serial number that was issued to you by Datalogics as long as you continue your maintenance contract.  

If you plan to upgrade IDS, ask your Datalogics support representative for a login so that you can download the latest release of of the software from the Datalogics FTP server. There is no charge for an upgrade. 

I am currently using IDS v15.0.1 (or older) and would like to purchase additional (new) licenses from Datalogics. I do not plan to upgrade at this time. Will I be issued new serial numbers?

Datalogics will no longer issue serial numbers for new license purchases. 

Any new license purchases will have to use the featured restricted licensing package which means using IDS v16.0.0 or higher by downloading the package from our FTP area. 

I am currently using IDS v15.0.1 (or older) and would like to upgrade to IDS v16.0.0 (or newer). Is there a charge for upgrading?

There is no charge for upgrading. 

As long as your maintenance contract with Datalogics is current, you have access to our FTP area where you can download the latest IDS versions. Contact sales@datalogics.com and request your Datalogics FTP login information. 

Where do I go to download the latest version of IDS?

Using an FTP client (port 22), connect to:


Or use your browser to open:


Contact sales@datalogics.com to access your Datalogics FTP login information.

After you log on, go to folder

/Products/InDesign/[Platform]/[License Type]/

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