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  1. PDF Alchemist renders every list it finds in the input PDF document as an HTML unordered list (<ul>). The product will take the literal characters found in each list and add them to the unordered list in the HTML output file. That is, if the PDF document has a numbered list, the literal numbers 1, 2, 3, and so on will be copied to the unordered list in the HTML file; for a bulleted list, PDF Alchemist will copy a literal bullet character to the front of each row in the list. This can cause unexpected results when pasting the HTML into programs such as Microsoft Word. In Word, if you use the default list style, the exported list might end up with a duplicate set of bullets. To copy this content for editing, we suggest changing the style of lists to be without bullets, or removing the characters used as bullets in the PDF Alchemist output.
  2. Tables with cells that span multiple pages are emitted with separate cells for before and after the page break.
  3. PDF Alchemist does not support nested tables, or tables within tables.
  4. PDF Alchemist does not support lists nested within tables without borders.
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