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In READynamic, you can assign an eBook to a user, such as a student or an employee in a training seminar. You can create an account for a user (if needed), add that user to a group, or class, and then grant that user rights to an eBook directly or assign an eBook to a class where that student has enrolled.

The system does not, however, provide an API function call that allows you to display a list of users and the eBooks assigned to those users, and tell you whether a given user has opened and paged through one of those eBooks.

But you can generate a report that lists the eBook files that a single user has accessed. The Read Documents report lists, for each user:

  • the name of each eBook assigned to that user
  • the date of the first time the user opened the book
  • the last time the user opened the book
  • the number of pages read for each eBook title
  • the number of the last page opened

Use this command syntax:

curl -X GET -b 'auth_token=token' http://localhost:3000/portal/api/current_user/reports/read_document_report

Your command might look something like this:

curl -X GET -b 'auth_token=axi82r-awhnaqdQEOrUigA' http://boxcollege.readynamic.com/portal/api/current_user/reports/read_document_report

READynamic responds with a report that looks like this:

User Full Name,User,User Group,Document,First Access Date,Last Access Date,Read pages,Current Page,Category James Smith,James Smith,Russian_320,Crime_and_Punishment,Aug 28 2017,Oct 30 2017,"1,2,3,4,5,6,...",375,Fiction James Smith,James Smith,Russian_320,War_and_Peace,Aug 28 2017,Dec 02 2017,"1,2,3,4,5,6,...",450,Fiction James Smith,James Smith,English_440,Beowulf,Aug 29 2017,Oct 15 2017,"1,2,3,4,5,6,...",235,Fiction James Smith,James Smith,English_440,Canterbury_Tales,Nov 22 2017,Dec 08 2017,"1,2,3,4,5,6,...",219,Fiction James Smith,James Smith,Botany_601,Marine_Ecosystems,Dec 15 2017,Dec 08 2017,"1,10,11,12,17,...",250,Non-Fiction

Here the report is formatted to be a little easier to read:

Consider the list of eBooks that appear for the user. If you can identify a specific eBook title that is missing from this list, but that you know has been assigned to that user account, it means that the user has not opened that eBook yet.

For more detail see the description of the API for the Read Document Report.

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