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After upgrading or rebooting READynamic server, it fails to restart. 

Web application could not be started
Error ID:
846d1975  (number may vary)

Docker Log shows:

Sorry, there was an issue with server_configuration_overrides.yml for production, and it could not be opened:
(/home/all/confi/server_configuration_overrides.yml): mapping values are not allow in this context line 65 column 20


Start by checking the UNIX file permissions assigned to the server_configuration_overrides.yml file. These permissions govern who can read, write to, and execute a file. They should be set to 444 at a minimum.

Also carefully review the server_configuration_overrides.yml file itself. Make sure you have the proper version in place, and that edits, if any, were done correctly. 

In the case above, there was a syntax error on line 101 in the overrides file, where the line was missing a closing quote on the string.

NOTE: The issue is not always on the line(s) being reported as having an error. In this case, the Docker daemon was flagging line 65 as the problem. The error log changed to line 100 when the overrides file was re-uploaded, but the problem was on line 101.

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