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Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology is used to protect digital content that is distributed online, including music, movies, video games, eBooks, and other content, from being misused.  DRM encryption is applied to a book or a movie or a song title to make sure that the person receiving and enjoying the content paid for it.  With DRM encryption, the party that creates and provides a creative work can be properly compensated for their time and skill. The encryption process makes it very difficult for people who do not have a key (and thus, legitimate access) to access that content and share it with others.

Datalogics offers an encryption technology from Sony Digital Audio Disc Corporation called the User Rights Management Solution (URMS) to secure the eBooks added to READynamic. 

Sony DADC is the world’s leading manufacturer of media to distribute digital content, in the form of DVDs, compact discs, and Blu-Ray discs. URMS is a simple API-based user and digital content management solution that supports pay per download or subscription services. It is designed for educational institutions, businesses, libraries, and eBook retail outlets.

READynamic also includes a native security option called ATB that can protect digital content.  This tool is not as safe or as effective as the true file encryption service provided with URMS, but it does provide some protection for eBook files, and it has the advantage of being provided free with the software. Some customers may prefer to use ATB rather than pay extra for the more robust URMS solution.

Finally, some customers choose not to encrypt their eBook content in READynamic at all. Books that are in the public domain, such as older novels where the copyright has expired, or content published by some government agencies, can be distributed for free. Encryption is not needed for these titles.  

It is possible to install READynamic with URMS implemented and set a default so that READynamic automatically applies URMS encryption to every eBook that is uploaded to the system. Or you could install URMS with READynamic but set up your system so that, by default, URMS encryption is not automatically applied. And you can set up your READynamic environment so that the individuals at your organization who have the authority to upload eBooks can decide whether or not an individual eBook file is encrypted. As your institution will be charged a fee each time an eBook is encrypted, you may want to provide an option where your staff can decide whether or not to encrypt a given title when uploading it to READynamic.

For more detail on working with URMS, visit our Developer's page.

Note that URMS encryption is designed to work with EPUB documents opened on iOS or Android mobile devices. It does not apply for content opened in a web browser.

Also, URMS can only work with EPUB files. Any eBook document in PDF format must be converted to a fixed-format EPUB file before it can be encrypted. READynamic is designed to complete this conversion process automatically when needed.

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