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Encapsulated Post Script (EPS) is a standard graphics file format for working with text, images, drawings, and layouts that can be dismantled into their component parts and then be combined into a final completed document. EPS files can present both bitmap and vector data, and they can be scaled up or down without distortion. An EPS file is really part of a collection of several image files; hence the name “encapsulated.”

The first part of the EPS file is a screen preview. Adobe Acrobat Distiller features code that filters out screen previews from the EPS files it processes. So Distiller bypasses the screen-preview portion of the EPS file, from the beginning of the file to the statement just before the “%!PS” value.

But this screen-preview filter is not found in the core Distiller code, and so Normalizer does not provide this feature either. Normalizer can, however, successfully process PostScript streams/files that contain embedded EPS segments that begin with screen previews.

You can implement your own filter to remove screen previews in EPS files. Normalizer reads such files without the help of the client software.

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