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Datalogics offers READynamic, a tool you can use to enhance EPUB and PDF documents by adding interactive elements to them, such as entry forms and video and audio recordings. READynamic is primarily intended to create educational content for students from elementary school to the university level, though the product can also serve to create educational materials for businesses. Educators and content providers can work with easy-to-use authoring tools in READynamic to add quizzes, animated GIF files, HTML widgets, and other interactive multimedia features to eBook files, and export the interactive responses from the users of those eBook files to external files for later analysis. The product provides support for both desktop and laptop computers and for mobile devices.

READynamic features include:

  1. A server component, where you can log on to your own local READynamic server environment to upload EPUB and PDF source documents. From this platform you can manage lending and content distribution, as well as publisher restrictions. You can also integrate your READynamic environment into your own local portal, such as Blackboard, or learning management system.
  2. A browser viewing tool for laptops and desktop hardware, and a PDF and EPUB reader that works on iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices
  3. Authoring tools with a user interface that you can use to add videos, quizzes, and other interactive media to EPUB and PDF documents
  4. The READynamic API to upload content, manage users, and create reports
  5. A Software Development Kit that you can use to create your own custom reader or viewing tool. You can do something as simple as changing the brand on the Android reader provided with the product to display your own firm’s logo and color scheme. Or you can extend one of the readers provided with the product, such as adding a reporting system to provide statistics for your customers on readership and use of interactive features.

Note that READynamic can be integrated with iFlipd, a textbook rental and sharing service.

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