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Adobe PDF Library does not offer a control parameter to create PDF/X-compliant output automatically. You need to build your application so that it will produce output documents conforming to PDF/X guidelines, and you can use the Adobe Acrobat Pre-flight options to validate it. Select Tools, Print Production, and Preflight.

Note that the PDF/X specifications are complex. Any validation or conversion application would require an in-depth knowledge of both the specifications and PDF structures. To facilitate these types of applications, Datalogics offers pre-flight utilities from callas Software, either as CLIs or SDKs. For PDF/X compliance, use the pdfToolbox utilities.

You can also use the Adobe PDF Converter product to create a PDF/X compliant file, but you will need to start with a PostScript or Encapsulated PostScript file.

Adobe PDF Library version 15 supports the conversion of documents to PDF/X output. Currently the PDF Converter utility provided with the Library controls processing of PDF documents to PDF/A and PDF/X.

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