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READynamic offers its own Digital Rights Management (DRM) utility. Digital Rights Management technology is used to protect electronic content, in this context, eBooks, from unauthorized distribution. READynamic encrypts each book per user and device when an eBook is downloaded to that device.

For browsers, the product manages DRM for the eBook by the way it serves the content to the browser window. The product combines page images, metadata, and for EPUB, sections of HTML. That is, the READynamic viewing tool does not serve the ePub or PDF document directly, but converts the content to images, metadata, and HTML to be displayed in the browser window.

You can disable copying and printing of eBook content in a client app, and you can set an expiration date for eBooks as well.

READynamic does not support other DRM formats, such as DRM protected books from Adobe Systems, using Adobe Content Server (ACS).

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