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  1. If a PDF form document features a Submit button, to process the content entered in the form fields on that document, or a Reset button, to clear the form fields and start over, PDF Alchemist will convert the PDF form to an HTML form and include the Submit or Reset button. But the HTML form export file will be set up to process the complete set of fields found on the original PDF form. PDF Alchemist does not support converting a PDF form document with a Submit or Reset button that only selects a predefined subset of fields found on that PDF form document.
  2. The product only supports the FDF format for form submission. Forms Document Format is a text file format used by Adobe Acrobat for content exported from fields found in PDF form files.
  3. PDF Alchemist only supports the conversion form files based on Acrobat PDF Form (AcroForm) standard. PDF Alchemist does not support the conversion of XML Forms Architecture (XFA) forms or files. XFA is a proprietary XML specification for use with web forms, owned by Adobe Systems.