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If you are interested in learning more about DL Pager, please contact your Datalogics sales representative.

DL Composer

DL Composer generates PostScript and PDF documents. Commonly DL Composer has been used to create long printed service and repair manuals and legal and financial reference tools featuring complex charts, graphs, and footnotes, stored in binders and updated regularly.

Documents created using DL Composer meet the publishing standards of the US Department of Defense and other large institutional customers like airlines, major financial institutions, and automotive, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, and aerospace firms. DL Composer can create content from XML or SGML input, DTDs, and Format Output Specification Instance (FOSI) style sheets. A FOSI style sheet defines character attributes such as font style and point size, as well as paragraph, page and document formatting. It is defined by a Military specification (MILSPEC 28001c) used in the JCALS (Joint Computer Assisted Logistic System).

To learn more, visit the DL Composer product page.

Note that Datalogics originally offered DL Composer with an Adobe Systems product called FrameLink. Datalogics stopped offering support for FrameLink in 2006.