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      A linearized PDF document is processed in a way that allows for more efficient display of long PDF documents. A linearized PDF is restructured in a way that allows the first page of the file to appear on a user’s web browser while the rest of the file is being downloaded. This type of PDF document can thus display more quickly on a web page; the user does not need to wait for the entire document appear before he or she can start reading it. This is also known as web optimization.


saveFlags2 saveFlags2:

  • PDSaveOptimizeContentStreams: Attempts to consolidate common preambles between content streams when saving PDF files. These are not found very often.
  • PDSaveOptimizeFonts: Consolidates duplicated fonts and font subsets into references to one unified font. This can involve substantial memory and CPU overhead, however. It is also appropriate for PDF files created from merging many different PDF files into a single document, or PDF files created by merging pages from several different PDF files.
  • PDSaveOptimizeMarkedJBIG2Dictionaries: Consolidate out unused symbols from JBIG2-encoded datastreams in the PDF file. This is rarely used.