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Please note that the Adobe PDF Converter was formerly known as Adobe Normalizer.

When trying to compile a customized C++ application using MS Visual Studio and PDF Converter you might see an "unresolved external symbol” error message:

ANS.obj : error
LNK2001: unresolved external symbol "enum NormalizerResult __cdecl
NormalizerServerInit(struct _t_NSClientConfig *,void * *)" (? 

With MS Visual Studio .NET (2003) and Normalizer 7.0.5 the error message will look like this:

AnsTest error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "enum NormalizerResult __cdecl
NormalizerServerInit(struct _t_NSClientConfig *,void * *)" (?NormalizerServerInit@@YA?
AW4NormalizerResult@@PAU_t_NSClientConfig@@PAPAX@Z) referenced in function "private: void
__thiscall CANS::Init(struct_t_NSClientConfig *,struct ClientData *,char *)" (?

The original PDF Converter (Normalizer) libraries were written in C code. If a customized application is written in C++ code, it will need to reference the C code by using the syntax:


For example:

extern "C" {
NormalizerResult NormalizerServerInit(NSClientConfig *config, NSServerDataPtr *pServerData);
/* NormalizerServerRunJob
 * Called by the client to start processing a new document.
 * Arguments:
 * serverData -- server's private data handle, returned by NormalizerServerInit.
 * jobParams -- pointer to structure describing job.

Make sure that you copy all of the PDF Converter .dll files into the Debug folder.

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