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Feature restricted licensing and activation (IDS v15.1.0 and newer)

Starting with IDS v15.1.0, Adobe no longer provides serial numbers for IDS installations. Instead, licensed users download a package file with the license included with the IDS software.

Datalogics is responsible for creating this package file, Windows (zip) and macOS (dmg). Users will download this package file from Datalogics FTP servers.

For more information on Feature Restricted Licensing, visit https://helpx.adobe.com/enterprise/using/frl-online-deployment-guide.html

NOTE: When you install the IDS software using feature restricted licensing and activation, you must have an Internet connection to validate the product license.  

Serial number distribution and activation (IDS v15.0.1 and older) 

For older versions of the IDS software, Datalogics provides the licensed user with a 16 digit serial number.

The user then downloads a trial (watermarked) version of IDS from the InDesign Server Trial Downloads Program page:


and use the serial number provided to activate IDS.

Activating IDS using the serial number removes the watermark from the trial version. 

Instructions on how to activate the software using a serial number can be found here:



  • Serial numbers provided by licensed resellers like Datalogics are being phased out by Adobe.
  • Datalogics no longer provides serial numbers for any new license purchases.
  • Serial numbers cannot be used to activate IDS v15.1.0 and newer IDS versions.
  • Serial numbers can only be used to activate IDS v15.0.1 and older IDS versions.

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