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Datalogics PDF Java Toolkit requires the Java Development Kit (JDK) 6 or later for the functionality provided by PDF Java Toolkit Core. JDK 7 or later is required for use with the Talkeetna API.

The following are recommended for working with Datalogics PDF Java Toolkit and the samples that go with it

  1. Maven  3.3.9
  2. Eclipse Mars or later
  3. M2Eclipse , a plug-in that allows Eclipse to work with Maven.
  4. Checkstyle
  5. Findbugs
  6. PMD

NOTE: PDF Java Toolkit (PDFJT) does not depend on the commercial features that Oracle had been incorporating in their product, so our PDFJT customers are not required to only use Oracle’s JDK/JRE in order to develop and run their PDFJT applications.  The Oracle-blessed alternative to Oracle’s commercial JDK is OpenJDK, and our formal engineering tests with PDFJT and OpenJDK indicated that PDFJT was fully compatible with OpenJDK as well as Oracle’s JDK.  So our PDFJT customers are free to use either JDK or JRE, as dictated by whatever other business requirements they might have.

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