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PDF2PRINT is a simple command-line utility for Windows systems. Use this product to send PDF documents to a printer that you select, either manually, from a command prompt, or as part of a workflow using a batch file. So if you have a server directory holding 750 PDF documents that you want to send to a printer, you could use PDF2PRINT to set up a process that would print them for you automatically. You could move the files to the directory at the end of the day, run the process overnight, and find the printed documents waiting for you the next morning.

PFD2PRINT allows you to select standard printing options, such as printing documents two sided, printing multiple copies, selecting a range of pages to print, and directing a print job to a specific paper tray on a printer. We describe how to use the product, and also how to use some more obscure printer options with PDF2PRINT, in the product documentation on our Developer's site.

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