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Use PDF Checker to evaluate PDF documents. PDF Checker is a simple command-line utility for Windows and Linux systems that you can use to quickly scan a PDF document, or a set of PDF documents, to look for problems. You can manually review one PDF document at a time, by entering a statement at a command prompt. Or you can set up a workflow with a batch file that uses PDF Checker to review dozens or hundreds of PDF documents automatically. And PDF Checker is free!

With PDF  Checker you can find ways to make your PDF documents smaller and more efficient, allowing you to more easily distribute them online or by electronic mail, and allowing your customers to download and open them more quickly. Once you have the information that PDF Checker provides, you can use the PDF Optimizer tool provided by Datalogics to apply the changes to your PDF documents that you identified using PDF Checker.

Download and use PDF Checker to find ways to improve your PDF documents. For more information, on how to work with the product, visit our Developer's site.

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