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When I try to install and turn the evaluation version of PDF Alchemist, I see the error “Error writing license file. . . PDF Alchemist license failure: An internal error occurred during processing. No output produced.”

If you installed an evaluation copy of an earlier version of PDF Alchemist, before 2.3, you would have received a license file called eval.lic. The key provided in this file is temporary; it allows you to experiment with the software for free until the key expires.

Normally you would have simply copied this eval.lic file to the working directory for PDF Alchemist. If you wanted to put the file somewhere else, however, you would have needed to set the environment variable RLM_LICENSE to point to the path were the eval.lic license file is stored.

Then, when you tried to install an evaluation copy of PDF Alchemist 2.3 or later, this copy of the software includes a different license file. But if you created an environment variable for the previous version of PDF Alchemist, and that environment variable is still in place, the system will continue to look for the license file in the folder indicated by RLM_LICENSE. This will be true even if the old license file, and the folder, have since been deleted.

Delete the RLM_LICENSE environment variable and try to run PDF Alchemist again.

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