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What’s the difference between “trigger DPI” and “target DPI” in the PDF Optimizer profile?

When you use PDF Optimizer to make a PDF document work more efficiently, one of the steps you will probably want to take would be to manage the photographs, diagrams, and drawings embedded in that document. If you compress these images, you can make the PDF document itself smaller. Because graphics, especially JPEG photographs, can be quite large, if you have a lot of graphics in a PDF document, you can significantly reduce the size of that PDF by reducing the resolution of the images that PDF contains. The PDF document that results will be much easier to distribute and will open much faster in a browser window.

The resolution of graphics images in a PDF file are expressed in Dots per Inch (DPI). In the PDF Optimizer profile, you would assign two resolution values, the target DPI and the trigger DPI. The target DPI defines your goal—the maximum resolution for any image in the PDF document. The trigger DPI defines the starting point. Any image found in the file with a resolution larger than this trigger value would be reduced to the resolution defined in the target value.

For more information on graphics resolution, visit our Developer’s site.

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