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Adobe Inc. no longer provides serial numbers for installations of Adobe InDesign Server after version 15.1.0, Instead, the license is included with the software installation package for licensed customers, available for download from a Datalogics FTP server, The IDS software installation package is provided as a ZIP file for Windows or DMG for macOS.

As long as your maintenance contract with Datalogics is current, you can access our FTP server platform.

Downloading the latest version of IDS

Using an FTP client (port 22), connect to:


Or use your browser to open:


Contact sales@datalogics.com to access your Datalogics FTP login information.

After you log on, go to folder

/Products/InDesign/[Platform]/[License Type]/

Installing the IDS software

Unpack the installation file, ZIP or DMG.

For Windows, double click Setup.exe.

For macOS, double click the install.pkg file. 

After the installation process finishes successfully, try to start an instance of InDesign Server. Type:

InDesignServer -port 12345

The software will display the version of the product, and a series of statements to show that the product is running.

After InDesign Server is running, you should see the following message on the console:

Servicing SOAP request on port 12345

This means that the product is ready to receive a job request on SOAP port 12345.

You can also verify that InDesign Server is responding to SOAP requests by navigating to:


This will respond with service definitions. 

Note: You don't need to activate InDesign Server. The license is included in the installation package and automatically applied, and the software is automatically activated during the installation process. 

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