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READynamic generates a set of automatic email messages that are all based on the same template.

We describe on our Developer's Page how to change the company name that appears in these email messages. We also describe how to change the product name on these messages from “READynamic” to the customer’s own product name.

It is also possible to edit the text in these default email messages. If you would like to provide custom content for these messages, contact your Datalogics Support representative for READynamic.

The template file used for all email messages created by READynamic is found at:


This file can be edited to apply changes across all the email messages provided by the software.

Individual email message templates are found in this directory:


For example, if you wanted to provide your own text for the password reset message, you would need to ask your Datalogics representative to edit the file called password_reset.html.

The automated message template files are described below.

Note that if you want to edit the content in these electronic mail messages, you must ask Datalogics to apply the changes for you.

Email file name Description Existing text
1assign_contact_to_group.htmlA user (contact) has been assigned to a group, or classYou have been assigned to the group <group_name>.
2close_to_expire.htmlThe lending period for an eBook is about to expire

Book title

User name

Expiration date

3confirm.htmlA new user account is confirmed

User name

<link to confirm>
4document_processing_failed.htmlThe effort to process an eBook file failed. This message is sent when a user tries to upload an eBook into READynamic, and the effort is not successful.Processing of the book <document_name> has failed. This was being processed at <hostname> on machine <machine_name>.
5grant_access_to_book.htmlA user has been granted access to a new eBook

You have been granted access to the book <document_name > on <product.name>.


6initialize_account.htmlAccount initialized. This is a welcome message sent out if a new user is added to READynamic by an administrator, or automatically.
7password_reset.htmlA user’s account password has been reset

Password reset request

To reset your password, click the URL below.

If you did not request your password to be reset, just ignore this email and your password will continue to stay the same.

8payment_expired.htmlUser payment expired 
9recurring_payment_failure.htmlA regularly scheduled payment from a user has stopped working
10removed.htmlUser account removed from a group, or course

User name

Course name

Course URL

Course instructor

11signup_invite.htmlSent to inform a person that another user has invited him or her to sign up for READynamic.

Dear customer,

<user_name> has invited you to join <product.name>!

Please click on the link below to join it:

Please go to <URL > and sign up with your email account.

Once you have signed up, you can login in and have the option of viewing the sample books we have provided, or adding your own to view in the browser.  Here are the steps to add new files.

Using the lefthand tabs, go to "My Bookshelf"

Select the "Create a book" icon

Select to upload your EPUB or PDF

It is required that you name the file under #3

Check the box beneath #4, certifying you have the right to use this content

That should get you started.

Let us know if you have any questions. 

12welcome.htmlWelcome message for new users. This welcome message is sent when a user signs up for READynamic himself or herself.

Welcome to <product_name>!

We have set up an account for you, but there are a few things you need to do to get started.

First you need to click the link below and set up a password for your account.


We hope you enjoy your experience working with <product_name>, if you have any feedback or concerns please feel free to contact us.

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